Architects & Engineers (A&E) is responsible for the management and coordination of design and construction of new buildings, renovation of existing buildings, renewal of building systems and facilities and deferred maintenance, and seismic retrofit projects on campus. Project Managers oversee the Project Life Cycle of capital projects through construction delivery and post-occupancy assessment.

A&E is a re-charge operation and works with Capital & Physical Planning, Finance, Accounting, project stakeholders, campus representatives, design professionals, architects and engineers, special consultants, and construction contractors to deliver the project scope within schedule and budget.

For additional information, visit the Architects & Engineers website.


Project Management

Project Managers are assigned to campus projects and oversee the project through the entire Project Life Cycle, which includes programming, funding, bids, schematic design, design development, construction drawings, and construction of capital projects through construction delivery and post-occupancy assessment.

Project Managers interact with campus stakeholders and are the primary point of contact within the Architects & Engineers office. The Project Management team includes Assistant Project Managers, Project Managers, Senior Project Managers, and Principal Project Managers.

Quality Assurance and Code Compliance

The Campus Building Official and building inspectors oversee the process of code compliance for the UCR campus. All construction work on campus is reviewed, permitted, inspected, and finalized in a code complaint manner. Quality assurance of all construction projects is ensured through this process as well. Additional information on quality assurance and code compliance is available here.

Campus Architect

The Campus Architect coordinates with Capital Asset Strategies on the campus design process, project definition, and early project planning for the University of California Riverside.


The Contracts office is responsible for contract compliance with the public contract code, UCOP policy and the UCOP Facilities Manual. The contract process for facilities and renovation projects is coordinated by this office, including contract creation, selection process, and legal document production.