The Capital Asset Strategies (CAS) group at UC Riverside is part of the Division of Planning and Budget and is responsible for overseeing: 1) Capital Planning; 2) Real Estate Services; 3) Space Management; and 4) Sustainability Initiatives. CAS coordinates campus planning efforts including the Capital Finance Plan, Master Plan Study, Long Range Development Plan, and other documents.

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Capital Planning

Capital Planning is composed of three areas of emphasis: capital projects, physical planning, and environmental planning.  Capital Planning efforts are informed by academic facilities planning, the campus physical master plan and related district plans, the Long Range Development Plan, and the Capital Financial Plan.  Capital Planning is responsible to oversee the approval of capital projects in accordance with UC Policy and campus procedures and practices. Capital Planning is also responsible for environmental impact reviews, in accordance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), and the campus’s ongoing efforts to minimize the negative environmental effects of its operation and development.

GIS (Geographic Information Systems) Management

GIS Management is responsible for providing administration of UCR’s GIS system and acts as a project manager in the acquisition of updated geospatial data for the maintenance of campus spatial data on an as needed basis.  GIS Management, plans, organizes, coordinates, and participates in the development and implementation of the campus’s geographic information system (GIS). GIS also directs and participates in the long-term development and enhancement of GIS information technology, and performs GIS modeling duties.

Real Estate Services

Real Estate Services offers several services for the UC Riverside campus: lease and license administration, public/private joint ventures or third-party development, acquisition and disposition of real estate property, the Faculty Housing Program, and the Mortgage Origination Program.

Space Management

Space Management is responsible for tracking space, recommending space assignments, performing evaluations of space use, analyzing space utilization, and recommending reassignments of space.  Space Management also advises on best practices for effective utilization of space. 

Sustainability Initiatives

The Office of Sustainability serves as a central, non-partisan entity to facilitate and promote sustainability at UCR. The office is responsible for guidance in implementing UC sustainability policies, reporting Green House Gas inventories, and communicating best practices to students, faculty, and staff.

There are 9 focus areas on the UC Riverside campus for sustainability: academics and research, built environment, energy and climate protection, food, procurement, recycling and waste management, sites, transportation, and water.

Additional Information

FMS Space Code Definitions available here.