Facilities Services is a part of the Division of Research and Economic Development and is responsible for overseeing 1) environmental and resource services; 2) infrastructure and energy management; 3) maintenance services; 4) business support services; and 5) customer relations.

Facilities Services is committed to providing safety & compliance across the campus and establish safety and compliance management processes, protocols, and procedures in coordination with Enterprise Risk Management.

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Environmental & Resource Services

Environmental & Resource Services responsible for providing a clean, safe, and aesthetically pleasing environment for all members of the campus community to live, learn and work.

This group includes custodial & housekeeping services, landscape services, and resource management.

Infrastructure & Energy Management

Infrastructure & Energy Management is responsible for providing the campus with safe, reliable, energy efficient and sustainable utility services.

This group includes energy and utility management, central plant operations and sustainability.

Maintenance & Services

Maintenance Services is responsible for providing quality maintenance and repair services in a timely, cost effective manner for all campus facilities.

This group includes planning and scheduling, as well as skilled trades for minor renovations. Skilled trades include access control, carpentry, masonry, roofing, electrical, fire & life safety, HVAC, sheet metal, paint, signage, plumbing, regulated materials, refrigeration and food service, and zone maintenance.

Business Support Services

Business Support Services responsible for providing quality support and responsive services in the areas of human resources, technology systems and financial management.

This group includes workforce administration, data and systems analysis, financial management, procurement and purchasing, and contract administration.

Customer Relations

Customer Relations responsible for providing a responsive, service-oriented experience for all members of the campus community. The Customer Relations provides service and support on minor renovations completed by Facilities Services and workorders completed through FAMIS.

This group includes customer relations services, a customer service center, and communication services.

Integration of Physical Plant and Housing, Dining & Residential Services Facilities Management

The integration of Physical Plant and Housing, Dining & Residential Services’ Facilities Management units brings opportunities to better serve the campus community without the duplication of services. An integrated Facilities Services unit aims to increase productivity, demonstrate efficiency, maximize use of available resources and enhance customer service for the campus, while in turn providing career growth and advancement and diversifying training and development opportunities for the unit’s employees.