The Facilities Manual requires that “All Facility design and construction projects must comply with all applicable state building code requirements and all applicable local, state, and federal agency regulations.” Project Managers are required to request and secure building permits to ensure compliance with these regulations.

Permit Requirements

Below is a list of construction activity which would typically require a building permit and inspection. Some of these construction activities would also require plan review to ensure code compliance prior to the permit being issued. The following is not an exhaustive list of activities requiring a building permit, but rather examples of activities requiring a permit:

  • Complete or partial demolition
  • Electrical, mechanical, plumbing or building additions or alterations
  • Equipment installation requiring more than plug and cord
  • Activity that will disturb any building surface (interior or exterior)
  • Signage installation, modification or removal
  • Any activity that may add, alter or modify ADA/Accessibility requirements

Permit Process

If your project requires a permit, Architects & Engineers will coordinate the process and complete the request. Permits reqiure additional time and budget to complete, but are required by the California Building Code to ensure compliance with all building and safety codes.