Numerous building codes, standards, federal and state legislation, and federal, state, and local agency regulations affect University construction projects. Because the University is its own enforcement agency (AHJ) for all Building Code requirements, except certain requirements of the fire code, access compliance with respect to state funded projects, and certain medical facilities, the Campus Building Official is responsible for implementing a program which ensures that all code related matters pertaining to on campus construction projects are code compliant.

Code Compliance on campus

Architects & Engineers is responsible for code compliance for the University. This responsibility includes providing a process by which all construction work on the UCR campus is reviewed, permitted, inspected, and finalized in a code compliant manner. Additionally, Quality Assurance of all construction projects is also ensured through this process.


Architects & Engineers:

  • Receive permit applications and construction documents
  • Review construction documents and require necessary corrections
  • Upon application and plan approval, issue permits for the erection, alteration, repair, demolition and moving of buildings and structures
  • Inspect the premises for which such permits have been issued
  • Ensure quality assurance and compliance with the provisions of this code


The University of California Riverside is required to follow California Title 24. Additionally, the University complies with other UCOP, state and federal regulations, such as the UCOP Facilities Manual and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

California Code of Regulations

The California Code of Regulations, Title 24, California Building Standards Code, consists of 12 parts:

  • Part 1: California Building Standards Administrative Code
  • Part 2: California Building Code
  • Part 2.5: California Residential Building Code
  • Part 3: California Electrical Code
  • Part 4: California Mechanical Code
  • Part 5: California Plumbing Code
  • Part 6: California Energy Code
  • Part 8: California Historical Building Code
  • Part 9: California Fire Code
  • Part 10: California Existing Building Code
  • Part 11: California Green Building Standards Code (CALGreen)
  • Part 12: California Reference Standards Code

Other State and Federal Regulations

Project Impact

It is incumbent upon UCR to ensure that regulations for design and construction on university campuses are enforced. With many current and new campus construction projects currently ongoing and already established for the campus, Architects & Engineers and the Quality Assurance and Compliance Office are authorized and required to enforce the state regulations and university policies and standards set forth in state law and in the UCOP Facilities Manual.  

The California Code of Regulations is updated every 3 years, based on recommendations by a state-wide commission. UCR Quality Assurance and Compliance Office continually updates policies and procedures based on the CCR.