Capital Planning at UC Riverside supports project requests and coordinates the capital planning process for major and minor capital projects. There are several types of projects that are not considered capital projects. These include deferred maintenance, capital renewal and repairs & maintenance projects.

 list of capital and non capital projects

 Capital Projects

Minor capital improvement projects are those projects with a total project cost of $35,000 up to $749,999.  Projects with a total project cost of $750,000 or higher are categorized as major capital improvement projects. 

The Vice Chancellor for Planning and Budget has the authority to approve minor capital improvement projects. The Chancellor has the authority to approve major capital improvement projects up to $70 million.  The UC Office of the President or The Regents approve major capital projects over $70 million and external financing for capital projects.

Capital Project Planning Requirements

The capital planning process differs for major and minor capital projects.

Minor capital projects include:

  • Documentation of project scope of work
  • Budget
  • Timeframe
  • Funding plan
  • Environmental classification
  • May include environmental assessments

Major capital projects include:

  • All steps in the minor capital project process
  • More detailed project programming and space planning
  • Site analysis and selection
  • Environmental assessments
  • Can include other project reviews as necessary


The Capital Planning unit works collaboratively with Architects and Engineers and Facilities Services to establish scope, schedule, and budget for a wide range of capital development activities.