UCR campus has residential, commercial, industrial and heavy-industrial buildings on campus. Each building type requires specific materials and maintenance over time.

Facilities Services maintains the steam, chilled water and compressed air services for the central campus facilities. Additionally, Facilities Services manages the utility infrastructure systems and utilities tunnels for safety and compliance, as well as the building automation networks.

It is important to understand the type of building that you are in and the infrastructure within that space in order to understand the complexities required for renovation or repair.

Building Water Systems

There are three main water systems that are available in a typical building on the UCR campus.

  • Industrial water: used for sanitation and cooling purposes
  • Domestic water: used for drinking water and residential buildings
  • Processed water: used in many laboratory settings.

UCR has three types of processed water: Reverse Osmosis (RO), Deionized (DI), and RO/DI. These types of water are available in various buildings and laboratories on campus. If a type of water is not available in your lab, you can purchase a portable system or request a project to bring additional processed water to your building.

Building Electricity Systems

There are several voltage/phase types that are available on the UCR main campus. Voltage and phase type varies by building and and room/laboratory.

  • 480v 3 phase
  • 480v 1 phase
  • 277v (single pole) lighting only
  • 208v 3 phase
  • 208v 1 phase
  • 120v 1 phase

Electricity systems may also have different plug or receptacle types.

How do I know what system my space has?

It is important to understand the specifications of the mechanical, water and electrical systems in your space before ordering equipment or requesting a project. For more information about what system is in your space, you can contact the Facilities Services Client Engagement Center for a consultation.