Preliminary cost planning should be completed as part of a project request. This includes identification of budget, if applicable, and a preliminary estimate of the project cost based on the initial scope of work.

To support UCR units with preliminary cost planning, a tool has been created and provided. This Tool does not represent a project cost estimate, nor should it be used instead of a formal project cost estimate. However, this information can be helpful to identify preliminary project costs for planning purposes, and can be used to build a project request and complete the CPMS budget information section.

Information about the Project Cost Preliminary Planning Tool

The Project Cost Preliminary Planning Tool can be used to understand the scope of a project request and plan for anticipated project costs. This information can be used to determine what resources may be required to move this project forward into project planning.

The Project Cost Preliminary Planning Tool used cost information from several UCR contractors and cost estimators. This information was verified by reviewing recent project costs to ensure that the ranges provided were realistic.


  • The Tool creates planning amounts based on a room that is empty and ready for the project to begin.
  • The Tool assumes normal building conditions. Any adverse building conditions may require additional project costs.
  • The Tool creates a range for cost planning amounts; this assumes a range of building materials required.
  • Planning numbers do not include any external fees for design consultants.
  • Planning numbers assume that the room space use code remains the same and that no code compliance issues exist in the space.

For additional information or for project requests on specialty equipment (i.e. highly acid-resistant fume hoods), non-standard building conditions or other special requests, please contact the A&E Client Engagement Center.