There are several types of projects at the University. Each type of project has requirements for its funding, planning and approval process. It is important to understand what type of project your request will be in order to provide the right information and estimate the timeline required to complete the request.

Project Types

capital and non capital projects

Capital Projects

Capital projects are projects that increase the value of the asset. This term means that the space will have a significant change added to it as a result of the work. Example projects include lab or office renovations. These projects must go through several stages to approve the project, plan a budget, and create a detailed design plan and set of specifications for the project.

Capital projects are completed by Architects & Engineers, and are generally contracted out to an external construction firm for completion. These projects will require funding from the department or University. For more information about what to expect for a capitalizable project you can review the Project Life Cycle.

There are two types of capital projects: Major capital improvement projects have a total project cost of $750,000 or more. Minor capital improvement projects have a total project cost of between $35,000 and $749,999.

Non-capital Projects

Non-capital projects are projects that generally repair or maintain the space on campus. There are three main types of non-capital projects:

  • Deferred maintenance projects: projects that address maintenance that is outside of the university replacement cycle
  • Capital renewal projects: projects for the planned replacement of building infrastructure or other systems that have reached the end of their useful life
  • Repairs and maintenance: projects that complete repairs and maintenance for the university

Non-capital projects can be delivered by Architects & Engineers or Facilities Services, depending on project scope and cost.

Project Type Impact

A project's scope determines the project type and the appropriate channel to complete the project request. Capital projects are coordinated by Architects & Engineers and Capital Asset Strategies, and require funding, planning and approvals. Non-capital projects can be completed by Architects & Engineers or Facilities Services.

There are two ways to submit a request for a project. The Capital Planning Management System (CPMS) is designed to request projects that will be completed by Architects & Engineers. The FAMIS work-order system is designed to request work to be completed by Facilities Services. If you are unsure what your project type is and how to submit your request, you can use the Project Request Quiz to self-diagnose your request or contact the Architects & Engineers Client Engagement Center for a consultation.