Project Management team

Project Information and Resources

We assist with requests for new faculty projects, interior remodels, and other space adjustments requiring multiple skilled-trades work for UC Riverside.

Our project management team streamlines the submission and reporting of construction and maintenance requests between Planning, Design and Construction (PD&C) and Facilities Services (FS).

At the links below, you can submit project requests and view all active projects.


Submit a Project Request

To submit your project idea or request:

  1. Click the link below to submit your project request via our online form.
  2. Instructions and guidance are available at the top of the form.

Submit Project Request

Active FS Projects

This report comprises all FS Projects that require project management by the FS Projects Team.

This report is updated on the 1st and 16th of each month. It includes each project status as provided by project managers.

  • Click the link below to review all projects serviced by Facilities Services.

Active FS Projects

Deferred maintenance and capital projects

dm presentation

Facilities Services and Planning, Design & Construction met with the Campus Finance Committee and presented on the campus preventative and deferred maintenance strategies, as well as the financial and capital planning aspects associated with investing in UCR’s infrastructure.


See the presentation


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