R'Projects: Project Information and Resources

In an effort to respond to your request for an easier, more streamlined project process between Planning, Design and Construction (PD&C) and Facilities Services (FS), we've streamlined the submission and reporting of construction and maintenance requests. From this single page, you can now submit all project requests and see, in a newly developed unified report, all active projects. 

Submit a Project Request 

To submit your project idea or request, follow the steps below:

  1. 1. Click the link below (Facilities Work Order System) to submit your project request.
  2. 2. Login and select "Submit Service Request."
  3. 3. Complete the form with your project details (add "PROJECT" in the request title).

Submit Project Request

Active Projects

This report comprises all FS and PD&C projects that have been prioritized by organizational leadership and are currently in ACTIVE status. 

This report is updated on the 1st and the 16th of each month and includes all updates provided by project managers. 

Click the link below to review all active projects being serviced by both FS and PD&C.

Active Projects

Review Submitted Projects

These projects have not yet been prioritized by the organization that manages the space according to the University Space Committee. Click the link below for a summary view of projects currently sitting in our queue for prioritization.

Unprioritized Projects

Review Closed/Completed Projects (Facilities Projects Only)

This summary report offers detailed information about all completed and closed projects by Facilities Services including any canceled projects or requests that have been forwarded to PD&C to review. Please contact PD&C for information regarding closed PD&C projects.

Closed/Completed Projects


Timeline for submitting project requests for 2022 


November 10, 2021 Email to campus partners to submit projects for prioritization.
December 1, 2021 Deadline to submit project requests for 2022.
December 2021 Following the December 1st deadline, Facilities Services will combine all submitted project requests with any existing open requests which have not been addressed and will compile a customized list for each organization on campus.
January 2022 Organizations will complete the prioritization for their submitted project requests (a separate email detailing this process will be sent)


Minor Renovation Updates

For questions or comments on our revised project submission and reporting updates, please email

Life Cycle of the Minor Renovation Process  

The guide below is an introduction to the life cycle of the minor renovation process. The map provides an overview of the process from request submission through project completion. To download a copy of the guide, click here.  

Life Cycle of Minor Renovation


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